choosing to invest in new beginnings

The New Year is one of my favorite times of year. There is something freeing and relieving to know I can start over and have a clean slate. I know there isn’t anything magical about January 1st. You can actually start over whenever you want. I think for me, it’s the fact that we are all conditioned to at least consider starting something new in the New Year. 


I know some of you reading this are not a fan of starting something new in January or even New Year’s resolutions. That’s ok, too. What I’d like to share with you is my personal evaluation I go through on a yearly basis. I know this isn’t for everyone but it might be for someone. 


If you haven’t ever read the book, Leading on Empty, by Wayne Cordeiro (place link to book), I highly recommend it. I have patterned my personal life goal setting off of what Wayne calls his five percent. Basically, your five percent are those areas that only you can do, live and protect. The premise is that eighty-five percent of what you do, someone else can do. The next ten percent, with training and experience, someone else could do. 


However, there is only five percent of your life that only you can live. That five percent is the most important to you and to those you love. Each percent point represents five main areas in your life. Here are the five areas: 


1. Your Health

2. Your Spiritual Walk

3. Your Relationships with Your Friends

4. Your Relationship with Your Spouse

5. Your Relationships with Your Children


When I chose to embrace the reality that there is a critical five percent of my life, it truly changed how I use my time and what I protect on my calendar. It helped me form new boundaries so I could say no to others. When you have your “why” down, your values are always easier to protect. I heard a saying that when someone loses their “why” they lose their “way.” At least I have found this to be true for my life. 


Every new year, I take an inventory of how I did with the goals I set for my five percent. Since I have set goals, I can tell if I accomplished them or not. The Five Percent mindset can help you to not be captured by the tyranny of the urgent.  


You may choose to have totally different goals for the most important areas of your life. Whatever it is, take the opportunity of this new year to invest into the areas that matter most to you. You won’t regret it. You may even find that this next year will be the most 
life-giving year of your life. 


It’s my heart and passion to help leaders live out their calling and flourish. I believe your best days are before you. It’s time to thrive. Let’s do it together. You are not alone. Click here to set up a Discovery Coaching call.        


- Rick