traits of a leader in survival mode

Rate Yourself From 1 to 10: 

___ Exhaustion
___ Sleep deprivation
___ Feel suffocated by life’s pressures
___ Lack emotional energy
___ Stress
___ Lack vitality
___ Work feels like it sucks the life out of you

___ Overburdened schedule
___ Drained – depleted reserves
___ Anxiety or panic
___ Maintains a bankrupt lifestyle
___ Restlessness
___ Desperation
___ Defensiveness – you don’t receive feedback well 

___ Isolation
___ Frequently talking about how overloaded you feel 

___ Lack of boundaries 

Take a moment to review this list. How many of the traits do you see in your life? 

If you were to rate your level of exhaustion, where would you fall on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = fully rested, 10 = utterly depleted.) 


In your current life, what practices, roles, or relationships make you feel most burdened? 

traits of a thriving leader

Rate Yourself From 1 to 10: 


___ Energized
___ Rested
___ Experiences Freedom
___ Have margin – unstructured time 

___ Enjoys aspects of daily life – not waiting for a future date to start living
___ Have time for interruptions – available to serve others 

___ Spontaneous 

___ Replenished 

___ Relaxed 

___ Life-giving – have surplus energy to share with others 

___ Feel Alive
___ Optimistic – not overly critical 

___ Flourishing
___ Joyful
___ Resilient – you bounce back from difficulties 

___ Content 

___ Seize opportunities 

___ Healthy 

___ Passionate

___ Appreciative 

___ A team builder 


Think of a time when you’ve experienced these qualities. What factors (schedule, role/responsibilities, relationships, routines) helped you thrive? 


Discuss the traits above with a friend, spouse, colleague, or accountability partner. What do they see as areas where you’re thriving, or just surviving? 


Identify two changes you could do over the next six months that would help you thrive.