This past year.   As the saying goes…"Soooo many words.”  I’m sure you and I could come up with a plethora of adjectives to describe what this past year has been so far.  However, for some of us, it has been a year of seeing clearly.  We may not like what has been revealed, but it is certainly clear. 


Through the ups and downs of Covid-19, war, and heartbreak, much like a crashing wave on the shore, this past year has revealed what is truly present in my own life, my world, where I work, in my family, and in my friendships.  It has often been said that crisis reveals:

  • Crisis reveals culture.
  • Crisis reveals motives.
  • Crisis reveals creativity.
  • Crisis reveals priorities.
  • Crisis reveals….you fill in the blank.


The bottom line is that crisis reveals something.  Many of us may not have the heart to see what is revealed on the shore of our soul when the tide goes out.  That’s okay.  In our vulnerability, we know there are some things that are not pleasant within us.  Surprisingly, I have really liked what I have seen some days.  Through the craziness, something beautiful has come to light.  Seeing clearly is a gift.  It’s raw and honest, but more importantly, it is real.   What has this year revealed to you?  I’d like to share what it has revealed to me.


In the story of David and Goliath, the army of Israel is paralyzed with fear because of a nine-foot Philistine warrior challenging anyone to come and fight him.  David comes up on the scene and takes on the challenge.  King Saul puts his armor on David in order to prepare him for battle.  As you may know in the story, David can’t move.  The armor isn’t designed for David, it’s not what he is used to wearing to defend himself and his father’s flock. It’s unnatural, it’s designed for someone else.  


That’s me.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been wearing someone else’s armor. This year has brought me to a conclusion or question.  What armor have I been wearing that isn’t mine to wear?  Have you ever thought of that for yourself? 


I am ready for something different, and you may be too. This year has been preparing my heart, mind, and soul for the next book, not chapter, in my professional life.  


I believe the next calling on my life and for my family is to grow our non-profit called Beyond Survival.  Many of you have been on this journey with us since 2006.  You have watched how God has birthed this family mission through pain and brokenness and a desire to see others thrive. You have come with us on mission trips and walked with us through our adoption.  You have watched our family being shaped and molded for this day.  Your life has been impacted by this ministry.


Many of us feel like we are running on vapors and just trying to survive. I believe there is more to life than just survival. 


I want to encourage, coach, and help other leaders grow and experience breakthrough. I want to see churches and businesses thrive.  I want them to experience life, abundant life. 


Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.”  The word “Life” in the passage means: “The condition of living or the state of being alive; especially healthiness, happiness, exuberance, energy, vitality, and the like.” The word for "Full, Abundant, Rich & Satisfying" means: "a quantity so abundant as to be considerably more than what one would expect or anticipate”


God’s gift is life in His Son, Jesus.  We all crave or desire to experience life and to have it more abundantly. I believe Jesus himself gives us life and more abundantly. 

I also believe you were created with a Divine Design. In your unique, personal, design is a code or operating system. You have preferences, opinions, dreams, likes, etc, that are all meaningful to you. They give you life. This life isn’t separate from God but draws you closer to Him. Are you currently experiencing that abundant life?


We believe that Beyond Survival will be used to provide essentials for those who wouldn’t be able to gain access to resources otherwise.  WE have a passion to connect resources with real need. We believe that this investment will alter the course of a person’s life and help them go in the direction God has designed for them.   Like seeds falling on fertile soil, we believe Beyond Survival’s investment will multiply 30, 60, and even 100 times in the life of a leader and the lives they touch. Coaching matters.  You matter. Our business life and our personal life are interconnected.  They aren’t separate.  Your life can change in real and tangible ways.  Coaching provides opportunities for you to execute on hopes, dreams, and goals previously unattainable. Just as one seed planted in fertile soil can multiple thirty times itself, your life is designed to do the same.


Most of us aren’t feeling like our life is multiplying much of anything.  If there is one empathetic concern I have, it is that I see more and more leaders who are merely just surviving.  I know you can relate to that type reality. :-)  You know what being in survival mode looks like: exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, sleep deprived, depleted, and full of anxiety.  It’s when you feel lost, directionless, having no real plan or strategy for life.  You are so tired you don’t have the energy to even change.  You feel stuck. Life feels impossible and unrealistic.  This state of mind and lifestyle is a vicious cycle that often leaves a person with the belief that their best days are behind them, there is no hope, and things will never really change.  I know, I’ve been there.


I see the heart and soul of a leader as being that fertile soil which has so much passion, giftedness, vision, and purpose.  What you plant in that heart can be multiplied over and over.   I have a passion to help leaders multiply their lives in others.


My dream is to help you live out your calling and thrive.  I believe that your best days are before you…not behind you.  We all need a little coaching, encouragement, wisdom, and help from time to time.  We can’t accomplish our goals in isolation or always on our own.  We need each other.  Let’s do it together.  Remember, you are not alone.  I’d be honored to help you.  If you are interested, please reach out to me at  It’s time to thrive.  Click here to set up a Discovery Coaching call.