the dream

It’s how this whole thing started.  After Beyond Survival started in August of 2006, our first global initiative was to partner with Children’s Hope Chest (CHC) and Adventures in Missions (AIM) in order to help sustain Bhalekane Community Care Point in Eswatini, Africa.  This care point was established by an incredible man named Walter.  Several years ago, Walter went out and counted over 500 orphans in his community.  He attempted to provide for them out of his own pocket through starting eight different care points.  Early on, these care points were serving food about three times a week.  Now, through committed sponsors, orphans and vulnerable children are receiving two meals a day, five days a week.  In addition, there has been a preschool started, a community center built, a kitchen serving station built, teacher’s housing built, a well drilled, and toilets provided.  Each year Beyond Survival sends a team to assist with teacher training, medical check-ups, VBS, construction projects, leadership appreciation, and a pastor’s conference. 

All of this because one man decided to DO SOMETHING.  Imagine what could happen if people like you and I aspired to leave a legacy with our lives that reached far beyond personal possessions and temporary ambition?  What if WE could help change the life circumstances of people all around the world?

you can make a difference

What if there was a group of people living with the conviction that it would have been better for them not to have seen, than to have seen and done nothing?  What if YOU were a part of something extraordinary?  What if that “something” was helping others move Beyond Survival?


We deeply desire to provide a conduit and opportunity for people to live BEYOND just basic survival circumstances.  Our focus is on the sustainability of the following five areas:



Starting with one’s most basic needs and providing medical attention, raising the quality of life.



Creating environments of care and concern, protection and hope.



Providing the opportunity to experience school for the very first time and obtain an education.



Giving training in business, budgeting, and the opportunity to learn life skills so that individuals can create income and provide for their family.


Providing understanding and guidance to help reveal one’s purpose in life and the opportunity to experience the Creator of the universe in a real and tangible way.


Our hearts and lives are transformed by experiencing and seeing life instead of just reading about it.  We would love for you to consider going to Eswatini with us. Here are some thoughts on how you can begin this journey:

1.   Begin with Your Heart.
Educate yourself on the realities of Eswatini.  Allow the facts in Eswatini to not only soften your heart, but move you to action.

2.   Go with Others.
The challenges are way too big for one person, let alone one organization.  Be a part of this new community to change lives in Eswatini. Collaboration with other organizations is key for life transformation.

3.   Invest in Lives.
We say “invest” rather than “give” because investing denotes an expectation of return on the investment.  We want to create environments where life change can truly take place.

4.   Spread the Word.
If you are willing to be a part of helping others, share with those you are in relationship with about your investment.  It will take many compassionate people willing to invest in order to make a difference.

5.   Go On a Trip.
There is nothing like the ministry of presence to demonstrate to others that they are not alone.  We would love for you to consider going with us on a trip.