Making a difference...

Delivering STABILITY, STRATEGY, AND STRENGTH in an effort to help…

(ONE) … leaders live out their values in their personal and professional life; through the process of discovering their divine design; by implementing strengths-based teaching based on the Enneagram and our Five Percent.


(TWO) … businesses, organizations, and churches scale to their next level.


(THREE) … empower the leaders of Eswatini, Africa with basic needs so that they can discover their purpose and experience sustainability.

We would love for you to considering joining us on the journey to help others move from Surviving to Thriving

We now accept cryptocurrency

We now accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations! You can direct your crypto gift through, which will not incur capital gains taxes (and may be tax-deductible), that is converted to US dollars and sent to us so we can put your gift to work toward our mission

Simply go to and search for  "Beyond Survival"  to give.   Thank you so much!


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