Swaziland Vision trip 2022

Here is the reality. Those who have been living in poverty are worse off now than they have ever been. Covid has set many of us back, but those with very little margin are the greatest being affected. Our friends in Eswatini are hurting and need help. 

This November (4th to 12th), we are leading our first trip back to Eswatini since the summer of 2019. This Vision Trip has two purposes. First, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our ministry of presence and the meeting of practical needs will be a breath of fresh air for those hanging on by a thread. We will also host trainings, provide leadership encouragement, and strategize for the next year. Second, our trip is designed to connect resources with real need. Every ministry partner on the ground is doing incredible ministry. Our vision trip is designed to connect those with like-minded hearts together for Kingdom benefit. We know that God has already gone before us to stir the hearts of His people to partner in Eswatini. 

Go with us!

Will you join Beyond Survival and our family in traveling to this sweet, little nation of Eswatini? Beyond Survival, the non-profit, was birthed 16 years ago to be an advocate for Swaziland. We are passionate about connecting resources with real needs. Never before has there been so much real need. This year’s missions’ trip will be November 4th to 12th. The cost will be $1,275 plus your airline ticket.  If you would like more information about the trip, contact us here.  


If you can't go on this trip but would like to join us in blessing our friends in Eswatini, you can give here. Thank you in advance for consider supporting Beyond Survival as we seek to help others go from surviving to thriving